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Bold Transformation of a Pigsty into a Poultry House

Monitrol Supports the Metamorphosis of a Pigsty into a Poultry House with Les Élevages St-Patrice” We are proud to celebrate a significant milestone for Les Élevages St-Patrice, marking a turning point with the transformation of two pigsties into modern poultry houses. This success is the result of close collaboration between the Monitrol team, Les Élevages… Continue reading Bold Transformation of a Pigsty into a Poultry House

Water Management in Agriculture: The Advantage of Agricultural Water Meters

Optimize Your Farming Operation with a Water Meter Discover how an agricultural water meter can support your livestock or horticultural production. Maximize the efficiency and sustainability of your operation with our electronic control solutions. In the realm of modern agriculture, water management is crucial for the success of your operation, whether you work in poultry,… Continue reading Water Management in Agriculture: The Advantage of Agricultural Water Meters

The Science of Color Lighting in Poultry Farming

In the ever-evolving world of poultry farming, colored lighting has emerged as a significant player, and Monitrol plays a vital role through its lighting controls. In this article, we delve deep into the impact of colored lighting on the well-being and performance of poultry. Hato Lighting, a recognized specialist in animal lighting, sheds light on… Continue reading The Science of Color Lighting in Poultry Farming

Key Environmental Factors for Chick Thermal Comfort

Optimizing the Thermal Environment for Day-Old Chicks for Optimal Health and Performance Key Environmental Factors for Chick Thermal Comfort: Relative Humidity (RH): In addition to air temperature, relative humidity plays a crucial role in chick heat loss or gain. High RH can cause thermal stress, while low RH can lead to cold stress. Adjusting temperatures… Continue reading Key Environmental Factors for Chick Thermal Comfort

Change the time on your controls

It’s time to change the time on your controls. Note that GENIUS controls are not automatically adjusted for daylight savings time. This is due to the fact that various activities within egg production facilities occur at specific times, such as turning the lights on at 6am. Changing the time automatically could disrupt the entire schedule,… Continue reading Change the time on your controls

There are several major challenges in poultry production.

Here are some examples:

Bird health and welfare:

The health and welfare of birds is essential in ensuring high quality poultry production. Diseases and parasites can cause health problems and affect bird productivity. Poultry health and well-being can also be adversely influenced by an unsuitable or stressful environment.

Environmental control:

Poultry production requires a properly controlled environment to ensure optimal temperature, humidity, air, and light conditions. Variations in these conditions can affect bird health and development, which may result in a drop in production.

Feed quality:

Feed quality is a vital issue in poultry production. Feed must be of high quality and contaminant-free to ensure optimal health. In addition, feed storage and transportation conditions must also be properly controlled to avoid contamination.

Production costs:

Poultry production costs can be rather high, making it difficult for producers to achieve profitability. Feed, energy, building, equipment, and labor costs can all contribute to economic pressure on producers.


Poultry production is regulated by strict food safety, animal welfare, and environmental standards. Producers must adhere to these standards to ensure the quality of their products and to satisfy regulations.

With a deep understanding of the challenges faced by poultry producers, Monitrol’s R&D team is dedicated to the continuous improvement of environmental controls in poultry houses.
Our livestock management platform, FarmQuest, is regularly updated to provide comprehensive support to farmers. It aims to ensure the well-being of birds, enhance batch performance, and facilitate the administrative management of inspection forms.

Connect your control to FarmQuest for free

Did you know that your purchase of comes with the ability to connect your Monitrol device to FarmQuest? FarmQuest by Monitrol is a free cloud-based platform offering remote access to your farm’s performance, processes, and data. Simply connect your Monitrol controllers to the FarmQuest platform for 24/7 remote management and enjoy optimized productivity. To link… Continue reading Connect your control to FarmQuest for free

Challenges for dairy farmers

There are many challenges in dairy farming. Here are some of the biggest examples: Animal health Dairy farmers must ensure the health and welfare of their animals in order to optimize milk production. Animal diseases can lead to weaker production and even death, often resulting in significant economic consequences. Production costs If a more environmentally… Continue reading Challenges for dairy farmers

One of the technologies that has revolutionized agriculture is the silo monitoring system.

With easy installation and operation, discover the benefits of installing the GENIUS Bin Weight Monitoring System.

Better management

A silo weighing system allows for real-time control of the amount of feed in the silo. This allows you to closely monitor your inventory and better manage the feeding of your animals.


Weight sensors installed under feed storage silos measure the amount of feed used each day.

The benefits

Thanks to these precise measurements, farmers can assess their animals’ daily feed intake and track their performance. The data collected by the silo monitoring system can also be used to evaluate animal health and feed quality.

Feed conversion is another key indicator that can be measured with the silo monitoring system. Feed conversion is the relationship between the amount of feed consumed by the animals and their weight gain. A high feed conversion indicates that the animals need more feed to gain weight, which may be a sign of health or feed quality issues.

In summary, the silo monitoring system allows farmers to accurately monitor the daily intake, performance, health, and feed conversion of their animals. This enables them to make informed decisions to optimize animal production and welfare.

The addition of a feed bin weighing system on your allows you to reduce costs by avoiding feed losses caused by over- or under-dosing. Planning your purchases according to the specific needs of your herd becomes easier.

Disease prevention and improved performance: Animals require precise feeding to stay healthy and reach their optimal weight. Silo weighing systems allow farmers to measure the amount of feed they are providing to their animals, ensuring that they are given the proper amount of nutrients needed to stay healthy.

Considering the fact that inadequate feeding can weaken animals’ immune systems and make them more vulnerable to disease, livestock producers benefit considerably from more precise management of their animals’ diet.

Reduction of labor costs: Silo weight measurement systems can reduce labor costs by automating the weighing process. Automated weighing systems record data in FarmQuest and can share it with the mill and stakeholders, reducing the time and effort necessary to manually perform these measurements. 24/7 access via the FarmQuest online service simplifies analysis and helps you make the right decisions for your farm.

By using an accurate weighing system, the farm can ensure the accuracy of measured quantities, reducing the costs associated with measurement errors and the risk of injury caused by employees physically checking the level.

Silo weighing systems help save money in a number of ways:

In summary, silo weighing systems are instrumental in ensuring the health of livestock, proper feeding, disease prevention, reduced health care costs, and animal weight control. Using silo weighing systems can contribute to more accurate and efficient management of raw materials, which can lower production costs and improve overall business profitability.

Remote silo inventory management can make farmers’ jobs easier in several ways:

Problem of diarrhea in pigs

Is it possible to avoid diarrhea in pig fattening? To avoid health problems such as diarrhea, it’s essential to consider several important factors such as adequate heating, stable humidity, and sufficient ventilation. The ideal temperature Insufficient heating can lead to cold conditions in pig housing facilities, which can weaken the animals’ immune systems and increase… Continue reading Problem of diarrhea in pigs

Controlling CFM in poultry production

Why is it important to have a minimum CFM in poultry production? CFM stands for “cubic feet per minute,” which is the amount of air that can be moved by a ventilator in one minute. In poultry production, maintaining a minimum CFM is crucial for a number of reasons. Adequate ventilation First, proper ventilation can… Continue reading Controlling CFM in poultry production

Perfect horticultural ventilation

For the best horticultural ventilation, you need a good fan Ventilation is an integral part of any greenhouse, with proper air circulation offering a number of key benefits: Temperature control Air circulation maintains a uniform temperature throughout the greenhouse. By circulating the air, hot or cold zones that could harm plants are avoided. Temperature fluctuations… Continue reading Perfect horticultural ventilation