Several major challenges in poultry production

Défis en production avicole

There are several major challenges in poultry production.

Here are some examples:

Bird health and welfare:

The health and welfare of birds is essential in ensuring high quality poultry production. Diseases and parasites can cause health problems and affect bird productivity. Poultry health and well-being can also be adversely influenced by an unsuitable or stressful environment.

Environmental control:

Poultry production requires a properly controlled environment to ensure optimal temperature, humidity, air, and light conditions. Variations in these conditions can affect bird health and development, which may result in a drop in production.

Feed quality:

Feed quality is a vital issue in poultry production. Feed must be of high quality and contaminant-free to ensure optimal health. In addition, feed storage and transportation conditions must also be properly controlled to avoid contamination.

Production costs:

Poultry production costs can be rather high, making it difficult for producers to achieve profitability. Feed, energy, building, equipment, and labor costs can all contribute to economic pressure on producers.


Poultry production is regulated by strict food safety, animal welfare, and environmental standards. Producers must adhere to these standards to ensure the quality of their products and to satisfy regulations.

With a deep understanding of the challenges faced by poultry producers, Monitrol’s R&D team is dedicated to the continuous improvement of environmental controls in poultry houses.
Our livestock management platform, FarmQuest, is regularly updated to provide comprehensive support to farmers. It aims to ensure the well-being of birds, enhance batch performance, and facilitate the administrative management of inspection forms.

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