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Link it to FarmQuest

Did you know that your purchase of comes with the ability to connect your Monitrol device to FarmQuest?

FarmQuest by Monitrol is a free cloud-based platform offering remote access to your farm’s performance, processes, and data. Simply connect your Monitrol controllers to the FarmQuest platform for 24/7 remote management and enjoy optimized productivity. To link your controller to the FarmQuest server, all you need to do is install an internet communication gateway (WebGate-C or WebGate3G) along with a Netin-2 or Rfin module.

FarmQuest can be accessed via your computer or smart device of choice.

Key features include:

  • Customized reports
  • Access to farm data
  • Scheduled alerts
  • Machine management
  • Building access control
  • & more!

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