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One of the technologies that has revolutionized agriculture is the silo monitoring system.

With easy installation and operation, discover the benefits of installing the GENIUS Bin Weight Monitoring System.

Better management

A silo weighing system allows for real-time control of the amount of feed in the silo. This allows you to closely monitor your inventory and better manage the feeding of your animals.


Weight sensors installed under feed storage silos measure the amount of feed used each day.

The benefits

Thanks to these precise measurements, farmers can assess their animals’ daily feed intake and track their performance. The data collected by the silo monitoring system can also be used to evaluate animal health and feed quality.

Feed conversion is another key indicator that can be measured with the silo monitoring system. Feed conversion is the relationship between the amount of feed consumed by the animals and their weight gain. A high feed conversion indicates that the animals need more feed to gain weight, which may be a sign of health or feed quality issues.

In summary, the silo monitoring system allows farmers to accurately monitor the daily intake, performance, health, and feed conversion of their animals. This enables them to make informed decisions to optimize animal production and welfare.

The addition of a feed bin weighing system on your allows you to reduce costs by avoiding feed losses caused by over- or under-dosing. Planning your purchases according to the specific needs of your herd becomes easier.

Disease prevention and improved performance: Animals require precise feeding to stay healthy and reach their optimal weight. Silo weighing systems allow farmers to measure the amount of feed they are providing to their animals, ensuring that they are given the proper amount of nutrients needed to stay healthy.

Considering the fact that inadequate feeding can weaken animals’ immune systems and make them more vulnerable to disease, livestock producers benefit considerably from more precise management of their animals’ diet.

Reduction of labor costs: Silo weight measurement systems can reduce labor costs by automating the weighing process. Automated weighing systems record data in FarmQuest and can share it with the mill and stakeholders, reducing the time and effort necessary to manually perform these measurements. 24/7 access via the FarmQuest online service simplifies analysis and helps you make the right decisions for your farm.

By using an accurate weighing system, the farm can ensure the accuracy of measured quantities, reducing the costs associated with measurement errors and the risk of injury caused by employees physically checking the level.

Silo weighing systems help save money in a number of ways:

  • Reduced labor costs
  • Reduced health care costs
  • Reduced measurement errors
  • Reduced waste
  • Optimized use of raw materials

In summary, silo weighing systems are instrumental in ensuring the health of livestock, proper feeding, disease prevention, reduced health care costs, and animal weight control. Using silo weighing systems can contribute to more accurate and efficient management of raw materials, which can lower production costs and improve overall business profitability.

Remote silo inventory management can make farmers’ jobs easier in several ways:

  • Real-time monitoring
  • Forecasting of needs
  • Optimized delivery processes
  • Reduced costs
  • Quality management

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