Bold Transformation of a Pigsty into a Poultry House

transformation porcherie en poulailler

Monitrol Supports the Metamorphosis of a Pigsty into a Poultry House with Les Élevages St-Patrice”

We are proud to celebrate a significant milestone for Les Élevages St-Patrice, marking a turning point with the transformation of two pigsties into modern poultry houses.

This success is the result of close collaboration between the Monitrol team, Les Élevages St-Patrice, and Plante Agri-Concept.

A special thank you to Mercedes Lafond, technical expert in poultry production, and Mario Gibeau, technical representative at Monitrol, for their hard work and ingenuity in developing the ventilation plans.

Les Élevages St-Patrice chose to integrate a hybrid ventilation system combining tunnel and bilateral techniques, a solution that is both economical and suitable for the existing structures of the buildings.

A big thank you to Patrice Gouin from Plante Agri-Concept, our dedicated distributor, for his constant support and technical expertise. His involvement was a key element in the realization of this project.

Today, as the first chickens are about to arrive, we are thrilled to see the fruits of our joint labor. This transformation is an eloquent testimony to the innovation and quality that Monitrol and its partners bring to the poultry industry.

Thank you to Les Élevages St-Patrice for their trust and collaborative spirit. Together, we continue to push the boundaries of innovation for the well-being and productivity of the agricultural industry.

In the photo from left to right: Mario Gibeau, Technical Representative Monitrol, Mercedes Lafond, Production Manager Les Élevages St-Patrice, Annick Lessard, Sales Director Monitrol, and Patrice Gouin, Director of Plantes Agri-Concept.

This video offers an in-depth look at the architectural challenges and advanced technological solutions adopted, from hybrid ventilation to flexible 2-screw power systems and GENIUS intelligent control.

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Watch this video about Monitrol’s offerings for the poultry sector

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