Change the time on your controls

Change time on controller

It’s time to change the time on your controls.

Note that GENIUS controls are not automatically adjusted for daylight savings time.

This is due to the fact that various activities within egg production facilities occur at specific times, such as turning the lights on at 6am.

Changing the time automatically could disrupt the entire schedule, with harmful consequences for laying hens.

This could affect their laying cycle and alter their egg production.

In addition, the time change in the dairy industry can disrupt the feeding routine of dairy cows, which can impact milk production.

Cows may be reluctant to feed according to the usual schedule due to the time change, which may result in a drop in milk production for a short time.

However, the impact of the time change can vary by animal species and farm management practices.

Farmers can take steps to minimize the disruption caused by the time change by gradually adjusting animal feeding and lighting routines before and after the time change.

To change the time manually on smart controller.

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