Climatic Anticipation for Optimal Productivity in Agriculture

Station Meteo

Protect Your Dairy and Cattle Production from Adverse Weather

Advantages: Our advanced weather station provides real-time measurements of temperature, humidity, and other atmospheric variables. This technology allows for automatic control of your barn curtains to protect feed from rain and wind, thus preventing waste and ensuring the continuous feeding of your herd. By adapting indoor conditions based on weather forecasts, you not only maintain a stable environment for your cattle but also optimize their productivity and well-being.

Disadvantages of Ignorance: Ignoring weather forecasts can expose your feed to unfavorable climatic conditions, wasting valuable resources and potentially reducing feed availability for your herd. This can lead to decreased productivity and increased operational costs due to food loss and inefficient climate management.

Anticipate Conditions to Optimize Your Dairy Production

Don’t let bad weather disrupt your barn anymore! With the MSTAT-1 weather station integrated into the GENIUS system, you can automate the adjustments of your air inlet curtains, ensuring the preservation of feed and protection of your herd from the elements.

Key Advantages:

Preserve Feed: Automate the curtains to protect feed from rain and wind, minimizing waste and loss.

Herd Health: Protect your animals from thermal stress and unfavorable weather conditions that could impact their health and productivity.

Cost Reduction: Reduce unexpected expenses by using precise data for more efficient management.

Why Choose Monitrol’s Products?

Since 1987, Monitrol has established itself as an undisputed leader in the field of electronic environmental control for agriculture. We offer innovative solutions designed to optimize every aspect of your farming operations. Our state-of-the-art products, combined with a strategic use of Weather Station, are your key to a more efficient, profitable, and sustainable operation.

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