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Monitrol optimizes farm management

With a reputation as a leader in the management and control of agricultural and commercial buildings, we design the smart tools of today and tomorrow. Our experts offer you innovative and efficient solutions fully adapted to your needs.

We designed the world’s best-selling controller

The livestock and horticultural sector has unique characteristics and unique needs.

Fortunately, our experts have a thorough knowledge of this industry and constantly work to optimize it. We offer producers the best solutions for ventilation, heating, cooling, biosecurity, lighting, weighing, and more.

Design and manufacture of industrial controls

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Accessories When it comes to your production, nothing should be left to chance...

Monitrol offers a wide range of accessories for the agricultural sector, including equipment for the proper ventilation and lighting of your installations and the easy management of your populations and feed levels: water meters, egg counters, feed counters, etc.

Whatever your needs in terms of equipment, it’s always worth it to give Monitrol a call


Food industry At the root of every good production...

For pork and poultry producers, Monitrol offers an entire range of solutions in terms of automated precision feeding systems. With emphasis on the welfare of pig and bird populations, as well as that of farm workers, our products also make it easier to remotely manage your production thanks to the FarmQuest platform.

Monitrol, feeding your dreams since 1987!


Expansion modules For when that little extra effort pays off!

As much for the farms of its clients as for the agricultural sector in general, Monitrol offers modules geared towards better management of lights, variable speed and variable stage air intakes, movement detectors, pens and feed and consumption levels. The vast majority of our modules also make it easier and safer to remotely manage your production thanks to the FarmQuest platform .

Monitrol évolue à votre rythme.


Controllers Cutting-edge management!

Recognized leader when it comes to smart controllers aimed at the agricultural sector, Monitrol greatly facilitates remote livestock management for all types of animal production by way of the FarmQuest application.

Monitrol, world leader in terms of intelligent controllers for the past 30 years!


Probes No cutting corners when it comes to data acquisition!

Knowing all the variables which influence agricultural production, real-time data collection is not an option, but an obligation! Monitrol offers a wide range of probes and sensors to keep you up to date of the changing parameters affecting your production. Humidity probes, static pressure sensors, temperature probes, ammonia sensors, each measurement system sold by Monitrol offers precise readings while being specifically designed for the agricultural sector. Most are equipped with MGCB connectors.

Get the facts straight thanks to Monitrol’s probes!


Weighing systems Weight control for maximized productivity

As much for the poultry as for the pork sector, Monitrol sells automatic weighing systems to accurately control the weight of your populations. This results in better management of your livestock and feed levels, as well as reducing animal stress. All of Monitrol's weighing systems make it easier to remotely manage your production thanks to the FarmQuest platform.

Weight control for maximized productivity


Ventilation systems Good air quality is crucial to your production

With more than 30 years of ventilation experience, Monitrol offers a wide range of ventilation systems for the agricultural, horticultural and industrial sectors thanks to its Varifan, Multifan and Genius product lines.

Thanks to Monitrol’s ventilation systems, you’ll achieve breathtaking results!


Telecommunication Information is key...

Monitrol sells many telecom products for wifi and mobile communications. Whether it is antennas or external modules offering fast and secure access to networks, Monitrol has the product for you!

Monitrol’s telecom systems keep you informed!

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