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An expert in the development of technological and intelligent tools, Monitrol designs and manufactures control and data collection systems for animal and horticultural production. Our niche expertise and the growing needs of our industry allow us to take advantage of a global leadership position that we are constantly developing.

In an international landscape that sees these industries growing at a frenzied rate, our expertise has allowed us to become a world leader. We are proud to offer technological resources that can support all departments of your company, such as production, communications and marketing. Founded in 1987, Monitrol now has more than 60 employees who continue to push the boundaries of innovation.

Smart tools having worldwide recognition

Veritable icons in the world of animal and horticultural production, Genius and Varifan ventilation tools ensure unparalleled optimization when it comes to the performance of agricultural buildings. Recognized as the most popular ventilation controller in the world, Genius is distributed in more than 30 countries.

Also recognized as one of the greatest innovations of the last few years, FarmQuest is an artificial intelligence capable of overseeing a production without interruption. All data collected by our controllers is accessible remotely and in real-time from a smartphone to report any problem.

Monitrol is proud to offer its technological advances to producers in Africa, Asia, America, Europe and Oceania.

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Owner and director of Research and Development François Routhier
Business Development Manager Gilles Routhier

Charles-Éric Bouchard, Gédé Oeufs The biggest benefit is being able to manage my farm remotely!

We have access to alarms warning us if the consumption is too low, too high or if the building temperature is too high. This allows us to take corrective measures remotely. The biggest advantage is being able to manage my farm remotely! Farm owner

Jonathan Mendel, Groupe Westco We greatly appreciated the user-friendliness of the interface.

We chose Monitrol’s GENIUS controllers because we were looking for a controller that could handle almost all of the operations of our farm. We really like the user-friendly interface. Their controllers are very user friendly.They help us remotely manage the water and feed distribution, lighting, temperature and humidity of our production.

Sylvain Hébert, co-owner of G.H. Porcs inc. farm I think it is a really great system that is worth sharing!

I installed the Genius system manufactured by Monitrol in all of our farms to increase our technical and economical performance. Every morning, I receive a report on the previous days’ events. I think it is a really great system that is worth sharing! Farm co-owner

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