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iTouch Updates

To better our products and in reaction to international breakthroughs in agriculture, the iTouch series of controllers are regularly updated.


November 2023  – New configuration available (CA2iT07V44M1) for iTouch Multi-Zone through WiFi download.

  • Rename Air Blast/Floor Heater to Floor Heater only.
  • Add 6 EPS-1/EPS-4 modules (total 8).
  • Add 3 water pressure probes (total 4).
  • Add 5 periods for darkness mode variable lights (total 15).
  • Add a high/low pressure alarm for the water pressure probes.
  • Add an activation period for the CO2 outputs.
  • Add a new logic for the Air Blast Heater.
  • Add a critical shutoff CO2 level for the inlets CO2 mode.
  • Make the humidity influence and the CO2 influence individual for each stage on/off.
  • Add an option to hide Feed Augers/Feeders’ groups when Multi-Feed is enabled.
  • Add an option to adjust the target weight to the tenth of the batch weighing system whose weight distribution mode is per drop.
  • Move the Timed Manual Operation parameter to be displayed just after System in Lights Settings.
  • Correction of Global Water Per Animal calculation.
  • Correction of the acquisition’s day, evening and selection display in the pig sorter inventory mode.
  • Correction of the conversion into Celsius of the Heaters and Floor Heaters High Temperature Shutoff curves values.
  • Correction of negative temperature readings using HUM+.
  • Correction of the defrost speed of variable stages 1 and 2.

To download the latest version of the configuration manual

July 2023 – New configuration (CA2iT08V6) available for iTouch 8-Zone through WiFi download.

  • Add water pressure probe.
  • Add the proximity switch state display in Multi-Feed System.
  • Add 6 EPS-1/EPS-4 modules [FarmGuard] (total 8).

To download the latest version of the configuration manual

August 2022 – New configuration (CA2iT05V13) available for iTouch Light through WiFi download.

  • Addition of the Precision+ mode for poultry scales.
  • Render daily the cumulated silo consumption.
  • Addition of two Minimum Ventilation timers per zone.
  • Addition of a Minimum Ventilation timer for variable recirculation ventilators.
  • Addition of a Minimum Temperature function for variable heaters.
  • Addition of a support for the GE-HUM+ humidity probe.
  • Display of assigned zones using A to D letters instead of numbers 1 to 4.
  • Addition of a curve option for the maximum speed of stage 1.
  • Addition of  a curve option for the minimum/maximum speed of variable recirculation ventilators.
  • Correction of minimum and maximum humidity.
  • Correction of air inlets and EA blowers when they are linked.
  • Correction of high temperature alarm activation when no probe is assigned to the zone.

To download the latest version of the configuration manual