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V65 Wall-mounted air inlet

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Flow-Right Wall Air Intake Model 2000

Ventilation systems are largely dependent on the effectiveness of air inlets, which control not only the location and velocity of air entering a building, but also the quality of its distribution.

It is therefore important not to neglect the inlet when planning a ventilation system.

For optimal ventilation, we offer our modular ceiling inlet, housed in a durable, corrosion-resistant plastic housing. This inlet ensures even distribution of attic air, without creating drafts to the floor that could affect your animals.

Our air inlets are easy to clean and install.

Available in black or white.

Wall-mounted air inlet


Technical specifications

Blanking sphere

  • 14″ X 45 1/2″


  • 04 p.s. = 1320
  • 08 p.s. = 2000

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  • 240 V

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