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ECS 4+ Controller 2-stage,1 ON-OFF, 1 air inlet

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The ECS M products gives you full control over temperature, humidity and airflow to provide a comfortable environment for your animals.

The ECS-4+ climate controller offers the same benefits as the ECS-4M controller with the addition of air intake stages and a static pressure display.

  • 4 Ventilation levels
  • Heating and air intake
  • Static pressure reading
  • 2 variable outputs
  • 1 ON/OFF outputs
  • 1 air inlet
  • included – 2004-1K (1′) temperature probe

Climate controller 4 ventilation stages, heating and air inlet.


Technical specifications

The ECS-4+ climate controller allows a precise management of temperature, static pressure, and air flow.

Improve the indoor air quality of your buildings. The ECS-4+ offers features such as:

  • Indication of the highest and lowest temperature reached.
  • Automatic daily temperature reduction (Ramping). – Speed curves adapted to a wide variety of fans.
  • Static pressure probe (optional). – Upgrade kits are available for the ECS family of controller units.

The ECS-4+ provides microprocessor control over a four stage output.

All 4 stages have fully programmable features. The first stage controls a variable speed fan.

To ensure good air quality when the room temperature is below the main setpoint, the fan can operate at continuous low speed or in a cyclic ON/OFF mode.

When the room temperature is above the main setpoint, the fan will speed up to increase the airflow.

  • 240 V

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