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MD Multi Stage Controller – MD-33

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Recognized leader when it comes to smart controllers aimed at the agricultural sector, Monitrol greatly facilitates remote livestock management for all types of animal production by way of the FarmQuest application.

  • 8 lines x 21 characters display
  • Detachable terminal blocks
  • Detailed alarm for temperature and water meter
  • Up to 6 inputs, 3 variables, 3 ON/OFF
  • 120 volts or 24 volts option
  • 4 2004-10K indoors temperature sensors and 1 outdoor with zone assignment

Up to 60 days of history

Compatible with FarmQuest remote management platform

Multi-Stage variable speed controller with RFIN Varifan


Technical specifications

Included with Varifan MD series multi-stage controllers

  • 5 temperature sensors (4 indoor sensors, 1 outdoor sensor)
  • 1 spare fuse for the power supply
  • 1 spare fuse for FAN 1 and FAN 3 or FAN 2 (depending on the model)
  • 1 spare fuse for the alarm
  • 1 installation/user guide

KIT options include:

Probes compatible with MD series controllers

  • 2004-10K Temperature sensor (black top cap)
    • Temperature sensor with a range of -50 to 60°C (-58 to 140°F).
  • RH-3 or RH-1 relative humidity sensor
    • Relative humidity sensor with a range of 0 to 100% RH (red connector for RH-3).

Modules compatible with MD series controllers

  • Cylinder and air inlet modules
    • SVIM/S (smart module for curtain and air inlet operating in timed mode or with potentiometer)
  • Variable speed module
    • VPM-1 (1 variable fan)

Remote access

  • Communication card (X1152 card inserted in the MD controller to communicate with the remote access software)
  • PC Interface (CTI-40) (External box allowing different communication options to a PC based interface)
  • RF-IN2 communication card (card inserted in MD controller to communicate with remote access software over a wireless network)
  • 240 V

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