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SVIM-1F/S 110-V air vent slave module

Catégories: Controllers and expansion modules, Poultry, Controller and expansion modules, Controllers and expansion modules, Controllers and expansion modules, Swine, Dairy, Horticultural, Air Inlets, Air Inlets, Air inlets, Air Inlets

Slave module designed for Varifan MD series controllers.

Compatible models

  • MD-21+/KIT
  • MD-22+/KIT
  • MD-33+/KIT


110-Volt air vent slave module

Technical specifications

The SVIM/S is a positioner which controls motorized air inlets.

The SVIM/S is connected to a master control to position an air inlet according to the ventilation requested.

The SVIM/S can control two different types of air inlet actuators: with or without feedback potentiometer.

  • With feedback potentiometers: The positioning is controlled by the feedback potentiometer which
    delivers a more precise positioning.
  • Curtain time positioning (time mode): This method is used when the air inlet system does not have a feedback potentiometer. The time mode positioning uses the travelling time of the curtain to evaluate its position.


The SVIM/S has a calibration function very simple to use. The calibration allows the unit to establish its own position references during installation. The calibration feature is commanded by the master control.

User’s Settings

The SVIM/S is easy to use; most settings are automatically set by the master control. Refer to the
master control documentation for more details.


The SVIM/S has several security features. In case it loses communication with the master control, the SVIM/S is able to operate autonomously the air inlet by using its own temperature probe.

The SVIM/S is also able to detect problems associated with irregular feedback from a problematic potentiometer. If it happens the SVIM/S switches to time mode, thus allowing normal operation until the problem is solved.

  • SKU: SVIM-1F/S

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