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GE 25 GENIUS Controller 2 variable 5 ON/OFF

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Monitrol is the leader in intelligent controllers for the agricultural industry, making it easy to remotely manage all types of livestock production with the FarmQuest platform. Suitable for the swine, poultry, dairy or horticultural industry, our Genius brand dual variable controller allows for temperature and fan speed control.

Climate controller with monochrome screen and LCD/LED display.

For the management

  • 2 variable levels
  • 5 ventilation stages ON/OFF
  • 2 heaters
  • 1 air inlet
  • 1 watering level

For climate management by means of outdoor and indoor temperature sensors, humidity and potentiometer.  An efficient environmental control for the well-being of your animals.

Compatible with FarmQuest for remote viewing and management of your livestock or crop building.

Included with GE-25 controller

  • Indoor temperature sensor 2004-10K
  • Installation/Usage Guide


2 variable climate controller 5 on/off


Technical specifications

Our ventilation control system offers:

  • Group buttons, monochrome screen and LCD display of 2 lines by 24 characters.
  • For the management of up to 2 variable bearings.
  • 5 ON-OFF ventilation stages.
  • 2 heaters.
  • 1 air inlet and 1 sprinkler bearing.
  • Outdoor temperature, indoor temperature, humidity sensors and potentiometer.
  • Available with a standard or large housing.
  • Up to 30 days of historical data and full compatibility with FarmQuest.

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  • 240 V

Compatible with FarmQuest, the cloud-based system for remote access to your critical farm information and up to 30 days of historical data.

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