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ECS-C ECS-C series climate controller

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Recognized leader when it comes to smart controllers aimed at the agricultural sector, Monitrol greatly facilitates remote livestock management for all types of animal production by way of the FarmQuest application.

The ECS-C series regulators combine the user-friendliness and the power of the functions of the ECS-M series with the latest technology. The ECS-C series ensures precise control of the climate of a room by monitoring the temperature and controlling equipment such as fans, misters, heaters and actuating cylinders of air intakes. Its interface offers quick and easy access to parameter settings, a 5-character LED display and output status LEDs. When connected to a DIP-1C module, the ECS-C series controllers can easily control the position of an air inlet.

  • Compatible with the FarmQuest remote management service
  • 1′ 2004-10K temperature probe included

Variable Step and On/Off Ventilation Controllers


Technical specifications

  • Average of the temperatures measured by at most 4 probes
  • Outdoor temperature sensor
  • Mist/ventilation level
  • Up to 2 heating zones
  • Record of the running time of heating devices
  • 5 character LED display
  • Push-button access to F2 parameters
  • Minimum fan speed adjusted to growth curve
  • Main temperature setpoint adjusted to the growth curve
  • High and low temperature reminder
  • Timer on minimum speed
  • 2 independent standard triacs
  • Choice of 9 motor curves
  • Full power start
  • Humidity control using an optional humidity sensor
  • Maintain settings and instructions after a power interruption
  • Radio interference suppression filter
  • High and low temperature alarms, and power interruption
  • Very effective lightning protection
  • CSA certification
  • Solid sealed enclosure
  • 2 year limited warranty
  • 240 V

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