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GE-WEBGATE3G Internet Communication Gateway

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The WebGate 3G is a versatile internet communications gateway designed to link electronic controls to the FarmQuest central WEB server.

Internet Communications Gateway


Technical specifications

Monitrol conceives modules aiming at a better management of the lights, the air inlets, the motion detectors, the niches and the consumption levels for the farm of its customers as well as for the agricultural sector. The vast majority of our modules facilitate effective and reassuring remote management through the FarmQuest platform.

The WebGate 3G can access the Internet via a standard Ethernet port. This installation requires a subscription to an Internet service provider (ISP) and a subscription to the FarmQuest server.

The WebGate 3G module will conserve all its data in the event of a power loss or outage.

A total of 500 units (wireless or wired) may be connected to the WebGate 3G.

Wireless and wired modes may be used simultaneously.


GE-WebGate 3G/HW : Module with Ethernet / NETIN-2 port for wired connection

  • Module with Ethernet port including NETIN-2 allowing for a wired connection with a controller


GE-WebGate 3G/RF : Module with Ethernet / RF-IN-1 port for wireless connection

  • Module with Ethernet port allowing for a wired connection with a controller
  • 240 V

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