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HUM3 Humidity sensor with or without cable

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Knowing all the variables which influence agricultural production, real-time data collection is not an option, but an obligation! Monitrol offers a wide range of probes and sensors to keep you up to date of the changing parameters affecting your production. Humidity probes, static pressure sensors, temperature probes, ammonia sensors, each measurement system sold by Monitrol offers precise readings while being specifically designed for the agricultural sector. Most are equipped with MGCB connectors.

A temperature probe that is reliable

  • Relative humidity reading range of 0 to 100%
  • Precise humidity reading whatever the ambient temperature
  • Sealed electronic components to maximize probe service life
  • Sealed cable connector, easily detachable during cleaning procedures
  • +/- 5%RH accuracy and 5-minute response time
  • 1 – 40 deg C (34 – 104 deg F) operation range
  • Maximum cable length of 450′
  • 8 VAC – 40 mA – 50 to 60 Hz power
  • IP 54 Protection (against dust/water jets)

Humidity sensor with or without cable


Technical specifications

The GE-HUM3 has the capability of reading from 0 to 100% of relative humidity.

The GE-HUM3 humidity probe uses a high quality humidity sensor which has been specifically tested for farm environments.

The sensor has been calibrated to insure optimal precision.

To maximize probe life expectancy, all of the electronic components are sealed in an epoxy glue.

The probe also provides a connector which allows for easy disconnection and connection when cleaning the building.

The relative humidity is expressed in percentage and it represents the water vapor quantity in the air compared with the maximum vapor quantity capacity.

The maximum water vapor quantity can vary depending on the room temperature.  Since the room temperature plays a role on the maximum quantity of water vapor in the air, the GE-HUM3 probe has been equipped with an integrated temperature sensor.

This temperature reading is used to compensate the relative humidity reading according to temperature. This means that the precision of the relative humidity reading is not dependent on temperature, allowing for optimum precision throughout the operational range of the GE-HUM3.

Sealed electronic components

ClicOn type quick connector

  • Humidity
    • Operational Range: 0-100 RH%
    • Precision:+/- 5 RH %
    • Stability: no visible variation for 2 years
    • Resolution:1 RH%
    • Response Time: 5 min
  • Temperature
    • Operational Range: 34 – 104ºF (1 – 40 ºC)
    • Precision:+/- 1 ºF (+/- 1 ºC)
    • Resolution: 0.5 ºF (0.5 ºC)
    • Response Time: 5 min
  • General Data
    • Dimension: L 6.8 in, 0,79 in (L 17 cm, 2 cm)
    • Cable length : 15 ft (5 m)
    • Weight:0.5 lbs. (250 g.)
    • MGCB port:0 to 100 RH%
    • PowerTension:8 VAC
    • Current: 40 mA
    • Frequency: 50 to 60 Hz

Protection Indication IP 54 (protect against the dust and the water spray)

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  • 240 V

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