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SVIM-1/24FLE 24 VDC Actuator position module

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The SVIM-1/24LE is a positioner which controls motorized air inlets. The SVIM-1/24LE is connected to a master control, either an SVC or an IC (configurable control).

With the commands received from the IC, the SVIM-1/24LE positions an air inlet according to the ventilation request.

  • Functions either using time settings or potentiometer
  • One interior or exterior probe for added security or precision
  • Includes one 2004-5k/SV1 (1 foot) temperature probe

24 VDC Actuator position module

Technical specifications

The SVIM-1/24LE can control two different types of air inlet actuators: with or without feedback potentiometer.

  • With feedback potentiometer: The positioning is controlled by the feedback potentiometer, which delivers a more precise positioning.
  • Curtain time positioning (time mode): This method is used when the air inlet system does not have a feedback potentiometer. The time mode positioning uses the traveling time of the curtain to evaluate its position.


The SVIM-1/24LE has a calibration function that is very simple to use. The calibration allows the unit to establish its own position references during installation.

User’s settings
The SVIM-1/24LE is easy to use: most settings are automatically determined by the master control (IC). The user can nevertheless adjust some settings in order to adapt the SVIM-1/24LE to requirements particular to his installation. The four-digit LED readout displays the status of configuration settings and of the system in general (actual position, error messages).

Safety features

  • In case of loss of communication with the master control, the SVIM-1/24LE autonomously operates the air curtain or inlet by using its own temperature probe or by moving the air curtain or inlet to a preprogrammed position.
  • The SVIM-1/24LE detects most problematic situations related to the actuator or to the feedback potentiometer, and ensures normal operation until corrections are made. For instance, if a potentiometer sends an irregular feedback, the SVIM-1/24LE automatically switches to time mode until the problem is solved.
  • The time mode includes a curtain repositioning function, which provides dependable long-term actuator precision even in the absence of a feedback potentiometer.

Temperature probe

The SVIM-1/24LE temperature probe can be installed in two different ways:

  • Inside probe: With an inside temperature probe, the SVIM-1/24LE is able to command the air inlet according to the room temperature in case the master control loses power or fails. When using an IC (intelligent control) in conjunction with the SVIM, use only the inside probe option.
  • Outside probe: For applications without feedback potentiometer, the outside probe is used to ensure that the air inlet repositioning will not occur if the outside temperature exceeds a temperature limit.
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