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TH5-20 Mechanical Thermostat

Catégories: Controller and expansion modules, Controllers and expansion modules, Controllers and expansion modules, Heating/Thermostats, Heating/Thermostats, Heating/Thermostats, Horticultural, Poultry, Swine

The TH5-20 thermostat is designed to provide precise control of heating, cooling, and ventilation systems.

Weatherproof Thermostat TH5-20

Technical specifications

A stainless-steel sensing coil is mounted on the side of the weatherproof ABS plastic enclosure. The adjustable knob pointer allows the thermostat to be recalibrated.

This TH5-20 thermostat is resistant to moisture and gases found in corrosive agricultural buildings.

The TH5-20 will provide accurate temperature control with long life in livestock confinement buildings, greenhouses, warehouses and industrial buildings.

1 year warranty

  • SKU: TH5-20

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