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GE-PRESS+ Smart Static Pressure Probe

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Knowing all the variables which influence agricultural production, real-time data collection is not an option, but an obligation! Monitrol offers a wide range of probes and sensors to keep you up to date of the changing parameters affecting your production. Humidity probes, static pressure sensors, temperature probes, ammonia sensors, each measurement system sold by Monitrol offers precise readings while being specifically designed for the agricultural sector. Most are equipped with MGCB connectors.

The GE-PRESS+ static pressure probe is used to measure the pressure difference between 2 rooms or between the inside of a building and the outside.

This intelligent probe is the solution for all the applications that require static pressure, temperature and air flow measurements.

The 10 key points that make the GE-PRESS+ the most efficient and economical on the market.

  • Accurate static pressure reading
  • Room temperature sensor included
  • Superior sensitivity and reliability
  • Positive and negative pressure reading range
  • Long-term stability (no need for recalibration)
  • Digital MGCB signal (no error caused by electrical noise)
  • Easy installation (no need to be on level, simplified two-wire connection)
  • Sturdy, compact and sealed housing
  • Auto detection possible (depending on the controller)
  • Your data can be accessed on FarmQuest via most GENIUS controllers

Static pressure probe

Technical specifications

The first Smart Static Pressure Sensor

  • Reads Static Pressure and Temperature
  • Easy to connect via 2-wire MGCB connection
  • Accurate measuring device that converts static pressure into an electrical signal
  • The signal is processed by GENIUS controllers
  • Used to measure the pressure difference between 2 rooms or between a building and the outside
  • Measures the air flow through a sensor
  • Temperature reading
  • Weight: 230g (8 oz)
  • Tubes: 5 mm (3/16″) internal; 9 mm (0.45″) external
  • Operating temperature: -18 °C to 66 °C (0 °F to 150 °F)
  • Pressure limits: +/- 0.500 in. WC (+/- 125 Pa)
  • Relative humidity: 90°/o maximum with no condensation.
  • No power required: Powered via MGCB connection
  • Output signal: MGCB
  • Durable design
  • Installation guide included
  • 2-year limited warranty

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