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EMC-2 Heating mat/heating lamp controller

Catégories: Controllers and expansion modules, Poultry, Controller and expansion modules, Controllers and expansion modules, Controllers and expansion modules, Swine, Dairy, Horticultural, Mats and Heating Lamps, Mats and Heating Lamps, Mats and Heating lamps, Mats and Heating Lamps

The EMC-2 is designed to drive 2 groups of heat mat.

For each group of heat mat, the EMC-2 will measure the actual room temperature and will constantly adjust the electric power delivered to the mats in order to maintain the surface temperature at the selected value.

  • Temperature probe (2004-1K) included

Electric mat and heating lamps controller

Technical specifications

With an EMC-2 in control of your heat mat, you are assured of optimal living conditions for your livestock.

All control panel variable outputs are fused, and all programmable settings are maintained whether or not the EMC-2 is powered.

The EMC-2 provides an automatic constant temperature reduction (ramping) feature for your maturing livestock.

A built in low temperature safety factor prevents temperatures reaching dangerous values.

  • SKU: EMC-2

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