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GE-LC1 Nutri-Sow nursery heat lamp module and drying lamp

Catégories: Controllers and expansion modules, Mats and Heating Lamps, Swine

Recognized leader when it comes to smart controllers aimed at the agricultural sector, Monitrol greatly facilitates remote livestock management for all types of animal production by way of the FarmQuest application.

The GE-LC1 module for nursery heat lamps and farrowing lamps used for drying and comforting piglets during the first few hours of their lives.

Only compatible with the Nutri-Sow feeding system. See the GE-LC2 or GE-INFRA4 control to manage your nurserie without Nutri-Sow.

They allow a pig farmer to effectively control the thermal comfort of the nursery.

  • The increase in thermal comfort keeps the piglets away from the mother and decreases deaths due to crushing.
  • The temperature control of the nursery allows you to avoid unnecessary heating of the nursery and therefore to save a huge amount of energy (the room is maintained at a lower temperature than the nursery, so the surplus of heat is ventilated outside).

Easier lactation days!

• Increases animal welfare
Reduces labor requirements
Reduces the risk of piglet mortality
Collects and archives data via the FarmQuest platform

Possibility to program a temperature and light curve for the greatest comfort of the piglets depending on their age.

Safe control of heating lamps

• PVC housing, resistant and hermetic, protecting the internal electronic components
• Easy to install
• Allows the management of 1 kennel and the selection of drying periods
• Infrared temperature sensor included
• Protection against power surges
• FarmQuest and WiFarm compatible

Module for piglet nursery heat lamps

Technical specifications

  • Controls 1 nursery
  • 1 IRS-1 infrared sensor included
  • 2 selections for drying periods
  • SKU: GE-LC1

  • Well-being of your animals
  • Reduces labor requirements
  • Reduces the risk of piglet mortality
  • Data history
  • PVC housing
  • Easy to install
  • Protection against power surges
  • FarmQuest and WiFarm compatible

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