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DIP-1/V Actuator module with potentiometer – DIP-1/V

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Servo-positioner for actuator with potentiometere – DIP-1/V

  • 110 VDC or 24 VDC power potentiometer (115 VAC) 50/60Hz
  • 1 exterior probe 2004-1KLT included

Curtain controller

See new generation DIP-1C

Air inlet positioner with potentiometer


Technical specifications

The DIP-1/V is specially designed to position a curtain or air inlet for actuators with VAC potentiometer feedback.

The DIP-1/V provides a full air inlet control.

The DIP-1/V offers the following features:

  • Compatible with 1 or 2 controls of the ECS-M series
  • Automatic detection of the ventilation stage

This control allows a minimum positioning or selection for summer and winter, to avoid abrupt temperature changes.

The air inlet automatically gets positioned when a ventilation stage (on the ECS-M) is activated, the air inlet gets proportional positioned between the start and the end position when the stage is variable.

If the stage is controlled by a relay (single speed stage), the air inlet gets positioned by stage.

The DIP-1/V memorizes the highest percentage and positions the air inlet at its position.

The DIP-1/V provides you with full control over the air inlet by using an easy to follow display panel.

All programmable features can be customized to meet your requirements.

The DIP-1/V keeps you constantly informed by displaying the status of the air inlet as well as the actual position.


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  • 240 V


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