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Fire Protection Be warned
before it's
too late

All electrical anomalies detected by FarmGuard are forwarded via the FarmQuest service by text and/or email

Electrical Failure Monitoring System.

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Easy installation by a certified electrician
One FarmGuard module can manage up to 8 electrical panels. Installation time may vary depending on the positioning and number of panels.
Autonomy & Compatibility adaptable to all installations
Compatible with most controllers on the market. The FarmGuard electrical fault monitoring system operates independently and autonomously. Adaptable to all buildings and all productions.
Data & Readings customized reports
Data is archived on the FarmQuest platform and can be accessed remotely at any time. Customize reports according to your needs. Live leakage current readings significantly facilitate the detection of faulty equipment.
Alert levels Low or critical
The most critical alerts can also be sent by the telephone call box or by the customer's alarm center. For the lower alerts, a text message or email is sent with details.
No annual fee $0
Access and management of your FarmGuard electrical fault detection system via the FarmQuest platform is free, as is the customization of your alerts and reports.
System Autovalidation fault diagnosis
The FARMGUARD is equipped with a Self-Validation mechanism Any internet connection or power supply problem is reported, whether it is a faulty temperature probe, current probe or heat detector.

Solution Electrical faults

  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Easy installation by a certified electrician
  • Independent system
  • Up to 64 reading points
  • Real time data
  • Alerts and Reports via Text and/or Email
  • No annual subscription
  • Adaptable to all buildings and types of production


Questions & Answers

How much time is required for the installation, and will it require a system shutdown ?

The installation must be completed by a certified electrician who will also verify the overall state of your electrical installation and equipment.

Two installation options are possible:

Option 1 –Standard current transmitter.  The electrician must disconnect the wiring from the electrical panel, connect the transmitter and then reconnect everything. The entire process takes approximately 1 to 2 hours.

Option 2 – Split transmitter.  The transmitter can be split into two parts. No need in this case to disconnect wiring from the panel, so an electrical shutdown is also not necessary during the procedure. This is a simplified installation having a maximum duration of approximately one hour.

I already own a GENIUS controller, should I purchase a GE-FarmGuard module ?

FarmGuard was designed with GENIUS iTouch clients in mind, so if this is your case, it is a very economical solution!

You simply need to install a GE-EPS module and a current transmitter (standard or split) and voilà!

Depending on the number of electrical panels requiring monitoring, we offer 2 modules for electrical fault surveillance.

  • GE-EPS-1 = 1 electrical panel
  • GE-EPS-4 = up to 4 electrical panels
How much will the installation of a FarmGuard system cost ?

No more than your average 4K television!

Between 1000$ and 5000$ depending on your installations, with no annual fees!

What more, some insurance companies offer a rebate on your insurance policy after installing FarmGuard.

Is there a way for me to know if my FarmGuard system is working correctly ?

We added self-verification functions to the system and its components. This means that in addition to FarmGuard  monitoring your installations for any potential problems, the system also engages in periodic checks of its own components and operational status. Hence, loss of communication with FarmGuard, or a disconnected probe, will trigger alarms.

For example, you will receive an alarm message if any of the following conditions present themselves:

  • Elevated panel temperature
  • Irregular leakage current
  • Disconnected thermal probe or sensor
  • Undetected current sensor or module

The principal function of FarmGuard is to detect electrical anomalies which could, if improperly handled, provoke fires. When the system detects an anomaly, you will receive an alarm message by text message or email.

FarmGuard offers many benefits!

In the presence of a leakage current, a warning sign that a fan or electrical equipment is about to stop functioning or that a connection will soon fail, FarmGuard can pinpoint the source of the problem in real-time so that the necessary  repairs may be completed before it is too late.

Let’s remember that the main causes of leakage currents and of overheating electrical panels include:

  • Faulty connections
  • Damaged wiring
  • Improper electrical contacts
  • Premature motor wear

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