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Designer and Manufacturer

Designer and Manufacturer

The product design at Monitrol is performed by our highly qualified engineers and technicians in our Research and Development department. The R&D team‘s work starts with understanding the client’s needs, then designs the circuit board, software, and enclosure, and from this, develop a fully functional tested prototype which is ready for production. Members of the R&D team use continuous improvement practices, creativity, and their expertise to develop highly reliable, user-friendly, innovative electronic products.

With over 25 years of production experience and having manufactured over 1 million electronic controls to its credit, Monitrol has developed an expertise in product quality, reliability, and affordable Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS).  From the initial prototype to the final product, the manufacturing process is done under the same roof allowing Monitrol to implement stringent quality assurance protocols. Our facilities are fully equipped with the latest in manufacturing equipment and our production team has the training and the expertise to make your project become a successful reality.

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