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GE-FBT Transmitter for silos with scales

Catégories: Dairy, Poultry, Silo monitoring systems, Silo monitoring systems, Silo monitoring systems, Swine

As much for the farms of its clients as for the agricultural sector in general, Monitrol offers modules geared towards better management of lights, variable speed and variable stage air intakes, movement detectors, pens and feed and consumption levels. The vast majority of our modules also make it easier and safer to remotely manage your production thanks to the FarmQuest platform.

Transmitter for GE-FBT silo monitoring system

Be up to date on your animals’ daily consumption and your feed inventory at all times thanks to the silo monitoring system. A system that detects and validates fillings.

The GE-FBT/SB is the electronic system that allows you to weigh grain silos in agricultural or industrial buildings and transmit the data.

To use the GE-FBT/SB, your setup must include an iTouch or GE-BIN4 controller. These controllers are compatible with FarmQuest and give you the option to create reports or alerts accessible directly on the platform or via SMS and Email.  You can also share your data with your mills, veterinarians, slaughterhouses, hatcheries, etc.

  • Available with 30′ or 50′ of cable

Transmitter for silos with scales


Technical specifications

The GE-FBT/SB includes the following equipment:

  • FBT module
  • 30′ or 50′ FBT-LIM connection cable
  • Installation kit
  • Extra passage
  • 12 VAC transformer

The GE-LIM lightning protection module is required for the installation of a silo monitoring system.

  • 240 V

  • Daily consumption of your animals
  • Precise inventory of your feed
  • Detection and validation of your feed mill’s fillings
  • Better management of your orders
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Precise measurements

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