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SN-02 Ceiling Fans Dairy Industry

Catégories: Dairy, Recirculation, Ventilation

With more than 30 years of ventilation experience, Monitrol offers a wide range of ventilation systems for the agricultural, horticultural and industrial sectors thanks to its Varifan, Multifan and Genius product lines.

The HVLS Altra-Air Sailfin ceiling fan developed by Sun-North Systems for Dairy Industry.

  • Gearless operation
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Increased air flows
  • Decreased noise
  • Integrated 20 000 Lumen LED Light
  • Available in diameters from 8 ‘to 24’

Benefits of this oversized ceiling fan

  • A wider disigned blade with a 23 degree pitch
  • Reduced energy consumption and less disruption in the trailing air stream
  • Higher air velocities
  • Less noise
  • Exceptional design

Gearless Design ceiling fan

  • There are only two moving parts, zero maintenance
  • No oil/liquides = No leaks
  • Whisper quiet operation for sensitive applications

Altra-Air Sailfin Ceiling Fans for Dairy Industry

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Technical specifications

Performance due to ceiling ventilation

  • 6MPH breeze
  • Maximum 5.7 A Draw
  • 264 CFM / Watt
  • Minimal 2.5 ” Blade Flex
  • 53 RPM at full Speed
  • Up to 23 ° Angle of Attack
  • Less Torque
  • SKU: SN-02

Blade design

A wider designes blade wuith a 23 degree pitch allows the Sailfin Fan to produce maximum air flows.

Gearless Design

  • Zero maintenance
  • No leaks
  • Quiet

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