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GE-BINWATCH/HUB BinWatch Internet Gateway

Catégories: Silo monitoring systems, Silo monitoring systems, Silo monitoring systems

Measures the feed volume in the silo and simplifies inventory management for farmers and mill operators.

The GE-BINWATCH/HUB is Internet Gateway with Display

This is the heart of your system. This internet gateway acts as a bridge between your silo sensors and your online access (FarmQuest). It displays information in real-time and serves as a ‘gateway’, ensuring centralized management of your data.

Data Transmitter for Silo Inventories to FarmQuest

Technical specifications

Optimize Your Feed Management with BinWatch

Inventory Simplicity: Say goodbye to the headache of manual inventory. BinWatch simplifies the tracking of your feed stocks, ensuring smooth and effortless management.

Smart Order Management: Precisely anticipate the needs of your operation. BinWatch provides a clear view for just-in-time ordering, avoiding excesses and shortages.

Consumption Monitoring: Stay informed about your animals’ feed consumption. BinWatch helps you validate the effectiveness of your feeding regimen and adjust your practices for maximum profitability.

Prevention of Stock Outages: With BinWatch, eliminate the risk of feed stock depletion, ensuring a constant supply for your animals.

Time and Labor Savings: Forget about the repetitive and tedious physical checks. BinWatch frees up your time and labor to focus on what really matters.

Scalable Connectivity: Connect up to 8 silos with our iTouch GENIUS control system and up to 50 silos via the GE-BINWATCH/HUB, for flawless adaptability to the size of your operation.

Customized Reports: Each silo is a valuable data source. With BinWatch, benefit from detailed FarmQuest reports, sent directly via email or SMS, for data-driven decision making.

Option 1 : Independent System for Large Operations (up to 50 silos)

Ideal for: Large operations with a significant number of silos, all located within a 1.5 km radius. This setup enables efficient and centralized management for extensive farming operations.


  • GE-BINWATCH/HUB: An internet gateway with a display, functioning as a central gateway.
  • GE-RFL: RF communication module with a long-range antenna and a 25-foot cable.
  • GE-BINWATCH: A silo level sensor with a solar antenna for each silo.

Advantages: Independent and large-scale monitoring, centralized data management, suitable for large farms with numerous silos.

Option 2 : BinWatch System with iTouch GENIUS for 8 Silos

Integrated System for Small to Medium-Sized Farms (up to 8 silos within a 1.5 km radius)

Ideal for: Smaller-sized farms or those already using the iTouch GENIUS control system.

  • GE-RFL: RF communication module connected to the iTouch GENIUS control.
  • GE-BINWATCH: A level sensor for each silo, equipped with a solar-powered antenna.

Advantages: Perfect integration with the existing iTouch GENIUS system, an optimized solution for medium-sized farms, centralized and simplified management.



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