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FBC Ajustable safety starter

Catégories: Poultry, Swine, Dairy, Horticultural

Monitrol offers a wide range of accessories for the agricultural sector, including equipment for the proper ventilation and lighting of your installations and the easy management of your populations and feed levels: water meters, egg counters, feed counters, etc.

  • Recommended for models: V50-020, V50-6202Q, V50-6201Q, V50-6202Q, V52-9202QH, V52-9252QH, V52-9202Q, V52-9252Q, V50-0202QH, V50-0202QH, V50-6203Q, V50-0101, V50-6102Q, V50-6203Q, V50-6204Q, V50-6101Q, V52-9203Q, V52-9253Q, V50-0203QH, V50-0210Q, V50-0203QH, V50-6204QH
  • Available from 0 to 10 A

Safety starter recommended for variable stage fans

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  • 240 V

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