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GE-M010 0-10 V module for GENIUS controller

Catégories: Controllers and expansion modules, Controllers and expansion modules, Poultry, Controller and expansion modules, Controllers and expansion modules, GENIUS Modules, Swine, GENIUS Modules, Dairy, GENIUS Modules, GENIUS Modules, Horticultural

The GE-M010 module is designed to control 0-10Volts and 0-20mA equipments such as :

  • variable lighting
  • proportional heating valve
  • air inlets
  • variable frequency modulation controller for motor

The module has two independent analog outputs and 2 relays that are controlled by a master controller equipped
with an MGCB port.


0-10 V module for GENIUS controller

Technical specifications

The GE-M010 comes in a PVC non-corrosive enclosure that is protected from dust and humidity.

The GE-M010 is covered by a complete two years warranty.

The module includes a backup mode in case of a communication failure.

A LED shows that the output is in backup mode.

Two other LED are available on the circuit board.

The first one will indicate that the module is powered and the other one shows the communication status with the master controller.

  • SKU: GE-M010

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