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FarmQuest Online Service

FarmQuest Online Service

FarmQuest, an internet based management service to farmers, allows you to operate from a web page equipment used in livestock buildings and greenhouses, such as ventilation, heating, lighting, feeding, weighing and access systems.  FarmQuest gives you the management tools you need to easily optimize your operations.

Imagine connecting to all of you sites in the blink of an eye from anywhere in the world! 


Depiction of the FarmQuest online monitoring and management network, an M2M TeleSystems service

From your personalized web page adapted to your specific needs, in real time you can, among other things, visualize a realistic depiction of your various equipment while they operate and adjust their values and set points, generate charts with information received from your equipment, see your livestock recorded by IP cameras, manage access to the FarmQuest service and to buildings, and display the listing of comings and goings in your site buildings.

FarmQuest consolidates information from all your sites:  one single glance at your computer or smartphone screen and you can compare batch performances or rapidly identify a problem arising in a building.  Also, FarmQuest has the ability to accumulate your data in an “Access” data base format and then send it once a day to your very own FTP server. Once the data is in your possession, you will be able to make custom reports using the Access software from Microsoft Office. FarmQuest also notifies you by SMS or email when an alarm is triggered or any out-of-limit condition occurs in equipment.

Controls _ Visualize a realistic depiction of your controllers as they operate.
Adjust in real time values and set points for your equipment.
Graphs   Visualize and compare data recorded by your controllers in chart or table formats.
System View   Visualize a plan of your installations and see in real time the state of your equipment.
Security   Rapidly identify a problem arising in a building or on a site.
See your livestock recorded in real time by IP cameras.
    Manage access to your buildings.
    Display the listing of comings and goings in your site buildings.
Alarms and
  Configure your alarms and warnings and consult a log of such events.
Receive SMS messages or emails to notify you of warnings or alarms.
Tools   Create FarmQuest service user accounts and manage their rights.
Create members of your staff and specify their access rights to buildings.

Housed and protected by a specialized internet hosting infrastructure, the FarmQuest server can very easily be connected to an onsite WebGate 3G using a direct wire connection (using an ethernet cable) or wireless cellular connection.  On the farm side, controllers have the option to be connected to the WebGate 3G via the WiFarm wireless network or using a direct wired connection.  The FarmQuest software and your data are stored and accessible online, eliminating the need for an onsite computer.

  Diagram of 3G network possibilities for FarmQuest, an M2M TeleSystems service

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