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The OPTI-GAIN series provides producers with up to date flock performance information and gathers data for managing future flocks.  Being well informed, you can take corrective action in order to optimize flock weight gain and overall performance.  Depending on the type of platform used, the OPTI-GAIN series can weigh and collect data for broilers or turkeys.

The display is designed with 6 hot buttons for quick and easy access to parameter settings, and has an easy to view 8 line by 21 character LCD screen.

Picture of a Varifan Opti-Gain 4 controller

Varifan OPTI-GAIN 4 controller

Picture of a Varifan Opti-Gain 5 controller

Varifan OPTI-GAIN 5 controller

Picture of a Varifan Opti-Gain 7 controller

Varifan OPTI-GAIN 7 controller

Picture of a Varifan OPTI-GAIN weighing kit for broilers

Varifan OPTI-GAIN KIT for broilers

Picture of a Varifan OPTI-GAIN weighing kit for turkeys

Varifan OPTI-GAIN KIT for turkeys

Available Models
OPTI-GAIN KIT Load cell module,
broiler weighing platform
OPTI-GAIN KIT/D      Load cell module,
turkey weighing platform
OPTI-GAIN 4 Controller for up to
4 weighing platforms
OPTI-GAIN 5 Controller for up to
4 weighing platforms,
1 water counter input
OPTI-GAIN 7 Controller for up to
4 weighing platforms,
4 water counter inputs,
4 temperature inputs


  • Designed for use with broilers or turkeys
  • Up to 4 weighing platforms per controller
  • Target weight can be determined by fixed growth chart or evolution method
  • History for average flock weight, number of birds weighed, gain, standard deviation and uniformity
  • Up to 45 days of history for OPTI-GAIN 4

  • Up to 250 days of history for OPTI-GAIN 5 and 7

  • History data logging for OPTI-GAIN 7 uses up to 4 humidity inputs, 4 water counter inputs and 4 temperature inputs
  • Alarms:
  • High flow alarm on water counter inputs

  • Alarms on high or low temperature inputs

  • Alarm on loss of power

  • Settings maintained after a power loss
  • Highly effective protection against lightning
  • Scales can weigh in kilograms (kg) or pounds (lb)
  • Rugged and sealed enclosure
  • CSA approved
  • 2 year limited warranty

Remote access, monitoring, data logging and management

The OPTI-GAIN series amounts to much more than user-friendly controllers when teamed up with the FarmQuest online management service.  Together, they make for a powerful management tool that you can access from anywhere in the world.  Your controllers are connected to the FarmQuest server, which constantly uploads data and enables you to easily view, analyze and compare results with those of current or previous production batches.  Also, when an out of limits condition exists, FarmQuest automatically sends you a warning by email or SMS text messaging.

The OPTI-GAIN series of controllers is also compatible with our WiFarm wireless network, specifically created for farm applications.  Its easy installation eliminates trenching and underground wires that can increase the risk of lightning strikes. 

The WiFarm wireless network and FarmQuest online management service have been designed exclusively for the livestock industry by M2M TeleSystems.  To learn more about these, click on their respective logos below.

All descriptions and characteristics can be changed without notice or obligation.

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