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PH-14 PH sensor (PH-14)

Catégories: Dairy, Horticultural, Poultry, Probes, Probes, Probes, Probes, Swine

The PH-14 pH probe is designed to ensure precise management of the acid-base balance of your water, a key factor for the health of your animals. Robust and easy to use, it installs quickly and provides reliable and consistent pH measurements, even in the most demanding environments. With the PH-14, ensure that the water in your farm always remains within the optimal range, thus protecting your animals against fluctuations that could affect their health and growth.

Alert – If the pH levels fall below the threshold you have set, you will receive a personalized warning, allowing you to respond quickly to maintain water quality.

PH sensor

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With Monitrol, benefit from cutting-edge technology for perfect water, the cornerstone of a prosperous and sustainable farm. Don’t leave the quality of your water to chance. Choose Monitrol’s proven solutions for efficient and precise management, day after day.

  • SKU: PH-14

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