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NH3-100/KIT NH3-100 Ammonia Sensor

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Knowing all the variables which influence agricultural production, real-time data collection is not an option, but an obligation! Monitrol offers a wide range of probes and sensors to keep you up to date of the changing parameters affecting your production. Humidity probes, static pressure sensors, temperature probes, ammonia sensors, each measurement system sold by Monitrol offers precise readings while being specifically designed for the agricultural sector. Most are equipped with MGCB connectors.

An Ammonia Sensor to maintain proper air quality

Ammonia in excess in an agricultural building such as a poultry house, a pigsty or a barn can cause severe irritation to the respiratory system of both the employees working in the building and the animals.

This gas is colourless and becomes irritating in high concentrations. It can even lead to serious, even permanent damage to the health of farmers and their animals.

In order to benefit from a good and consistent air quality, it is essential to be aware of your ammonia level.

Our ammonia sensor measures NH3 gas up to 100 ppm (parts per million) in the air, converts the measurement to a 4-20 mA signal and transmits the information to your controller. This important data will help you adjust your ventilation and heating quickly and bring your NH3 level below 25 ppm (Maximum concentration according to the Government of Ontario).

Sonde d'Ammoniac

Technical specifications

The maximum total length of the extension cable(s) connecting the interface card to the NH3-100 KIT must not exceed 150m (492 feet) and must be a minimum of 22 AWG 3 stranded wire with a shield connected to the ground of the master controller.

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You are always informed of the ammonia level in your building.

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