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CL-20 CL-20 chlorine sensor

Catégories: Dairy, Horticultural, Poultry, Probes, Probes, Probes, Probes, Swine

The CL-20 chlorine sensor is your ally for maintaining pure and secure water. Designed to measure residual chlorine accurately, this sensor plays a crucial role in preventing diseases related to water quality. Easy to integrate into your existing systems, the CL-20 helps you stay ahead of sanitary conditions, ensuring a healthy environment for your animals and peace of mind for you.

Alert – If the Chlorine levels fall below the threshold you have set, you will receive a personalized warning, allowing you to respond quickly to maintain water quality.

Chlorine sensor

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With Monitrol, benefit from cutting-edge technology for perfect water, the cornerstone of a prosperous and sustainable farm. Don’t leave the quality of your water to chance. Choose Monitrol’s proven solutions for efficient and precise management, day after day.

  • SKU: CL-20

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