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V52-5145 AGI 1HP fan motor Agriculture and Industrial

Catégories: Poultry, Swine, Dairy, Horticultural, Ventilation, Ventilation, Motors, Motors, Motors, Ventilation, Motors, Ventilation

With more than 30 years of ventilation experience, Monitrol offers a wide range of ventilation systems for the agricultural, horticultural and industrial sectors thanks to its Varifan, Multifan and Genius product lines.

Specifically designed for poultry house and barn exhaust fans.

Each unit is equipped with thermal safeguards, but some models might need to be installed in highly ventilated areas to receive adequate cooling.

Notable features

  • Weatherproof capacitor casing and channel boxes.
  • Weatherproof reset button.
  • Pre-lubricated ball bearings (double sealed) (-20°F to+350°F)
  • Temperature-dependent manual overload protector
  • Copper windings and varnish (classified “F”)

AGI motors are rugged, designed from the ground up to handle starting loads and the heavy duty applications common to the agricultural industry. For the last four decades AGI has incorporated user feedback into its designs, engineering motor solutions that work in any environment or condition. We now have entire lines of specialty motors, replacement motors and various other agricultural solutions.

Rugged like you expect them to be.


  • Crop Dryers—Mesh screen to ward off animals and insects and prevent motor damage
  • Ventilation Fans—simple wiring requirements
  • Centrifugal Fans—Efficient, energy-saving designs
  • Variable Speed AGI Fans—Overload protection for increased worker safety
  • Hatchery/Incubator Fans— rugged design and construction for any
  • application
  • Belt-driven Ag Fans—Designed to maintain proper fan speed at all times

AGI 1HP fan motor

Technical specifications

  • 120/240V
  • 1HP
  • 51″
  • SKU: V52-5145

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