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GE-ST101V8ZP/10 8 zones Smart Controller

Catégories: Controller and expansion modules, Controllers and expansion modules, Controllers and expansion modules, Controllers and expansion modules, Dairy, Horticultural, iTouch GENIUS Series, iTouch GENIUS series, iTouch GENIUS Series, iTouch GENIUS series, Poultry, Swine

A controller designed to control up to 8 zones, among which the available inputs and outputs are distributed.

Each zone can act independently and has its own temperature sensor, humidity, static pressure and main temperature setpoint.

  • 10″ color touch screen
  • Large, robust and hermetically sealed housing
  • Optimized for hog production needs
  • Compatible with FarmQuest management software

8 zones controller

Technical specifications

Real-time access to your data and 24/7 monitoring from anywhere in the world.

Multi-year data history.

Easy to communicate with your stakeholders.

Free software updates and improvements.


  • 1 temperature sensor 2004-10K
  • 1 alarm relay
  • 10 ON/OFF outputs
  • 11 MGCB ports

Slave capability

  • Up to 32 variable outputs
  • Up to 74 relays, each relay can be used for a ventilation bearing, recirculation fan, heating, cooling, clock output, healer, feed screw, water alarm relay or air inlet.
  • Up to 52 inputs, each input can be used for an indoor or outdoor temperature sensor, humidity sensor, water meter, static pressure.
  • SKU: GE-ST101V8ZP/10


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